Wynn Macau


Digital Transformation – Leading Casino Group Gaming Operations

Business Imperatives

A breakthrough casino management system to support the highly table games centric Macau gaming environment that is scalable, multi-lingual, compliance to local jurisdiction and reducing fraud and inefficiency by minimizing operator errors


A whole new casino management system End-to-end development and integration with legacy systems Business process & user experience transformation Real-time transparency and electronic monitoring


Increased revenue

  • Improved efficiencies in ratings, cash acceptance, and settlement allowed faster velocity of game play resulting in more revenue

Increased operational efficiencies

  • Removal of manual out of system processes and workarounds allowed faster operations with significantly fewer errors: reduction of a factor of 100x

Improved game security

  • Tracking of staff activities to allow “digital surveillance” of abnormal or suspicious activities

Reduced training

  • Easy to use design reduced training from weeks with high error rates to just hours with errors almost non-existent Chinese language and counting support

Staff retention

  • System prevention of errors meant less risk of disciplinary action due to costly mistakes Staff reward programs based upon system tracked performance targets